Principles of Design: PATTERN & REPETITION, Art Unit
Principles of Design: PATTERN & REPETITION, Art Unit
Principles of Design: PATTERN & REPETITION, Art Unit
Principles of Design: PATTERN & REPETITION, Art Unit

Principles of Design: PATTERN & REPETITION, Art Unit

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This is a Principles of Design: PATTERN & REPETITION - Art Unit! This full art unit will teach students about the Principles of Design: Pattern and Repetition through a video presentation, informational handouts, a mini art challenge, and 3 FULL Art Project Tutorials (step-by-step slides to make your teaching a breeze! They even include lesson plans, rubrics, assessment, and bulletin board display signs). Students will learn and apply Pattern and Repetition, a Principle of Design through a variety of instructional and informational lessons and art projects! Creating art and understanding how to apply the principle is the best way to learn about the concept! Plan Quickly Teach Confidently, and Engage your students with this easy-to-use art tutorial. An ARTASTIC unit by Ms Artastic.


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This Principles of Design: Pattern and Repetition - ART UNIT Includes: 110 Pages


1) Lesson 1: About Pattern and Repetition

-About Pattern and Repetition Video Presentation

-About Pattern and Repetition PDF Slide Presentation (second option, same slides so that you can teach it instead of the video with the audio)

-STUDENT HANDOUTS - About Pattern and Repetition Handouts with Information and Note taking options


2) Lesson 2: Mini Art Challenge/Warm-Up get try out the Principle of Design!

-Lesson Plan

-Step-by-Step Handout

-2 templates for students to complete the Principle of Design Challenge (first encounter with experimenting with the Principle)


3) Lesson 3: About Artworks with Pattern and Repetition

...inclusion of Art History

-Lesson Plan

-About Artworks with Pattern and Repetition - Student Handout

-Note taking page - Student Handout


4) Lesson 4: Art Tutorial - Pattern and Repetition Koi Fish Artwork

*see below for what art tutorials include


5) Lesson 5: Art Tutorial - Pattern and Repetition Groovy Abstract Artwork

*see below for what art tutorials include


6) Lesson 6: Art Tutorial - Pattern and Repetition Hummingbird Artwork

*see below for what art tutorials include


***Each Art Tutorial includes:

-About this resource

-Lesson Plan -2 pages (materials, learning outcomes, goals, "Teacher Does/Student Does")

-Bulletin Board sign for displaying the completed work

-Example of Art Piece to show your students before they create!

-Step-by-Step draw handout for students

-Art Piece Demonstration Step-By-Step: Description and Images

-Rubric for art piece

-Student/Teacher Art Project Assessment that matches the rubric

-Student Project Reflection (for added assessment)

-Artist Statement template




How To Prep:

-Either project the step-by-step pages from the PDF for your students to follow, or use it as a guideline for yourself so you can demonstrate the art project to your students.

-Look over the lesson plan for the materials needed for your art project. Gather these in advance! Then there will be no panic during the lesson.

-Photocopy any necessary student handouts such as step-by-steps or rubrics. These will be needed during your art lesson and are very helpful for students.


How to Use:

-Look over the lesson plan to see what to do and what materials are needed.

-Look over the visual and text step-by-steps to see how to make the piece and possibly you may want to make a sample yourself so you have no problems helping your students later.

-Print off the included Poster Sample for your students in color to show them what they’re making prior to the lesson (it’s your hook!)

-Show the PDF over your digital projector, under a document camera (best if you have it printed in color) or use as information for yourself as you demonstrate the art lesson to your class.

-All steps include both a visual and text description to make teaching this or showing this directly to your students and easy process and will eliminate any confusion!

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