Valentine's Day Art Lesson, Dinosaur
Valentine's Day Art Lesson, Dinosaur
Valentine's Day Art Lesson, Dinosaur
Valentine's Day Art Lesson, Dinosaur

Valentine's Day Art Lesson, Dinosaur

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Valentine's Day art inspired by dinosaurs! Use oil pastel and paint to create a unique Valentine's art project with your students. This is a great way to keep them engaged as Valentine's nears (and they've had too much candy!). Spend an afternoon creating art! This product is complete with a visual and text step-by-step (each step on its own page with description), a rubric for marking, a lesson plan, a finished example, and a step-by-step drawing handout to allow your students to create this piece successfully!



How To Prep:
-Either project the step-by-step pages from the PDF for your students to follow, or use it as a guideline for yourself so you can demonstrate the art project to your students.
-Look over the lesson plan for the materials needed for your art project. Gather these in advance! Then there will be no panic during the lesson.
-Photocopy any necessary student handouts such as step-by-steps or rubrics. These will be needed during your art lesson and are very helpful for students.

How to Use:
-Look over the lesson plan to see what to do and what materials are needed.
-Look over the visual and text step-by-steps to see how to make the piece and possibly you may want to make a sample yourself so you have no problems helping your students later.
-Print off the included Poster Sample for your students in color to show them what they’re making prior to the lesson (it’s your hook!)
-Show the PDF over your digital projector, under a document camera (best if you have it printed in color) or use as information for yourself as you demonstrate the art lesson to your class.
-All steps include both a visual and text description to make teaching this or showing this directly to your students and easy process and will eliminate any confusion!

-Pencil, eraser, black felt or fine liner
-30x Step-By-Step draw handouts
-30x Art Rubric
-card stock or watercolor paper
-oil pastels (green, pink, red, yellow, blue)
-Red paint - watercolor, paint puck or tempera watered down.
-paint brushes

This Product Includes: 30 Pages
-About the Product
-Lesson Plan -2 pages (materials, learning outcomes, goals, "Teacher Does/Student Does")
-Valentine's Day Dinosaur- Step-By-Step handout for students
-Art Piece Demonstration Step-By-Step: Description and Images- 18 slides
-Example of Art Piece to show your students before they create!
-Rubric for art piece

The Valentine's Day Art Lesson, Dinosaur is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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